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February 19, 2019

10 Reasons to Migrate from Google to Office 365

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aureus tech systems

G suite and Office 365 are software as a service (SaaS) platforms and office productivity tools. They have so much in common; they both allow you to perform business tasks in the cloud, create documents and presentations, and collaborate with team members.

However, G-Suit and Office 365 have different features and capabilities. When a consumer is deciding on the software to use, they consider their needs and the software's ability to meet them. In the past couple of years, there has been a trend towards migrating from G suite to Office 365. Among the reasons for this remarkable migration include features and price factors. Also, the huge growth of Office 365 makes some of the companies and individuals who chose Google Apps to question their decision. Below are ten reasons why you should also migrate from Google to Office 365.

1. Security and Threat Protection

Security is among the primary reasons behind the migration from Google to office 365. In the contemporary world, security concerns are pressing issues and affect people's choice of productivity tools. Both G-Suite and Office 365 have security measures to safeguard users' and their data. However, Office 365 has stricter and more powerful security mechanisms. It uses rights management, modern data centers, encrypted access to data, and data loss protection to ensure users' documents and files are safe and secure. Office 365 commits to integrity, confidentiality, and guaranteeing business continuity in the event of data infringement. Also, Microsoft offers robust protection against phishing and credential theft. The same cannot be said for Google especially in the light of its failure to disclose the Google + breach.    

2. Price

Initially, many businesses preferred G suite because of its low costs. However, Office 365 is a cost-effective office productivity application that offers in-depth features and hence value for money. You choose the subscription plan that meets your business needs. Office 365 entry-level plan, for instance, has better features than the G suite plan. You get 1TB storage for files and 50GB email storage for $5 per month, a more generous offer than G Suite 30 GB storage for both email and files for the same price. G Suite is cheaper if you only require web apps; if you need anything more than that, it is not.  

3. Productivity gains

Office 365 can help you to attain a more productive workforce. It does this by utilizing three prominent features. First, cross-platform access allows users to access their documents using different devices ranging from PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android devices. As more organizations allow employees to use their own devices at work that are not necessarily PCs, this feature becomes useful. Second, easy access anytime and anywhere helps employees to access work created using office 365. Employees don't have to wait until they get to the office to access documents. Third, Office 365 has sharing and collaboration features that allow teamwork and collaboration.

4. Scalability

In the past, many companies made a one-off purchase of office products on a long-term contract. Such products were not customizable to meet changing organizational structure and size. If the company downsized, it would not scale down the office products. However, Microsoft office 365 offers organizations the flexibility to scale up or down office products depending on their needs with a predictable cost structure. You pay for only what you use and do not have to commit to expensive long-term contracts. G suite is good for startups, but when the company grows past 50 users, security, administration, and scalability become difficult. The best option for such businesses is Office 365 that is customizable to suit different corporate sizes.  

5. Storage Capacities

Many people and firms look for large storage space when choosing a productivity application. G Suite and Office 365 offer different storage spaces to their users. While G Suite's basic plan offers 30 GB of space, Office 365 provides customers with 1 TB of storage. You can migrate G Suite to office 365 to take advantage of their huge storage space for all your businesses documentation.

6. Familiarity

Office 365 provides familiar user experience and apps that are attractive to most consumers and businesses. Its user interface is consistent across different platforms and devices allowing users to find them easily and quickly. Office 365 has numerous business apps, and the good thing is that most of them are free. You get an opportunity to choose the tools and apps you use frequently and add them to your Office 365 home screen for easy access. On the other hand, Google's user interface and experience is inconsistent across services and platforms and hence the need for continued learning to use it.

7. Complete solution

Microsoft has been at the forefront of improving office productivity applications. Office 365 offers concrete evidence of Microsoft commitment to enhancing these applications. It combines office functionality with other business-centric capabilities such as video conferencing and instant messaging to offer firms a complete solution for their business needs.

To improve experience with Office 365, integrate it with Azure. When you use Office 365 and Azure, you get a seamless integration with other business applications and software. For companies with in-built business applications, integration of these applications and Office 365 becomes effortless. This does not only improve your efficiency but also improves the user experience. Through the use of Azure Active Directory,  Azure Logic Apps and Functions, and Microsoft Graph you can transform your business for the better.

On the other hand, G suite lags in the integrated functionality. Also, it has limited offline capabilities and limits anywhere access.    

8. New features and Bug updates

With Office 365, you don't have to wait for several years for the next product release. You get instant access to updates and bug fixes when they are released. Office 365 subscribers enjoy the latest version of office applications.

9. Desktop Application Entitlement

Among the huge advantages that Office 365 offers is the ability to load applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel locally. You can download and install Microsoft Office suite of applications on your desktop. Businesses migrate to Office 365 to enjoy Microsoft's reliable toolset of applications.  

10. Innovation

Microsoft is a global leader in innovation. It commits to continuous innovation to improve its products and services. Many people migrating from Google to office 365 need more innovations to make their work more efficient and hence attracted to Microsoft's persistent improvement. Office 365's users benefit from its capabilities today and those it will offer in the future.

G suite and office 365 are both office productivity applications with close to similar functionality but different features and capabilities. Recently, many users –both individuals and companies- have shifted from G suite to Office 365 for various reasons but mostly because of Office 365's improved features. There are incredibly compelling reasons to migrate Google to office 365 because it is better in every perspective. If you need more information to help you migrate to Office 365, contact Aureus Techsystems. They will be glad to help.