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March 9, 2018

7 Ways Office 365 and SharePoint Will Transform Your Business

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If you operate a business, then you realize the last decade has brought about many changes in the digital world. From cloud computing to video conferencing to online collaboration, the changes have come rapidly and with transformative power. If you are just getting started with implementing digital solutions for your business, then read on to discover seven benefits of Office 365 and Sharepoint for your business.

Optimized Time

Businesses always look for ways to optimize their employees' time. From streamlining the workflow to increasing productivity, your business accomplishes more in less time when your time is optimized. Obviously, when this happens, it will impact your bottom line for the better. How does utilizing Office 365 and Sharepoint optimize your business's time? Here are two such ways:

  • If     you aren't using Office and Sharepoint, then your employees are probably logging in and out of various applications and software throughout the day. This takes time and can be frustrating. By tapping into the digital     technology available, your business can log in at the start of the day and work seamlessly throughout the remainder of the day. Multiple data streams are woven into the centralized pool where each employee is working, making work more efficient.
  • One     of the strengths of Sharepoint is that it facilitates collaboration. Team members can work on their projects together electronically, everything is     stored in one central location, and updates are made respectively. This     ensures a speedy and more efficient process. No worry about passing emails     back and forth with edits to a project, no worries about who is doing what     on the project, because everyone is on the same page (and sometimes at the     same time).

Cloud Computing Benefit

When you sign on to Office 365 and Sharepoint, you automatically get signed on to cloud computing. What does this do for your business? There are multiple benefits of cloud computing. First of all, when you connect to the cloud, you have access to all the apps, software, email, and data that is in the cloud. That means you no longer have to deal with cumbersome hardware, continual software updates, and IT techs at your place of business. Everything is handled for you. You can think of cloud computing as eliminating a huge load or burden off your mind. Once you plug into the cloud, you have rapid application development instead of slow and outdated software technology.


All businesses require safe handling of data and emails. With Office 365, you have the option for individual private storage with OneDrive storage for business or you can use Sharepoint to store collaborative documents, items for the library, budgets, and more. The great thing about storing your all your documents in Office 365 is that you know they will always be safe. If there is ever a power outage, a system failure, or if you even break your laptop, you won't need to worry about your information being lost. Everything is saved to the cloud.

Seamless integration of information

Nowadays, everyone has multiple pieces of equipment such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers. There are many times when someone leaves the office but may still need to accomplish a task for work or access some project on which they are working. Office 365 allows every device to not only connect to the cloud but to be automatically and seamlessly synced. That means if you just made changes to your document at work from your laptop, those changes will be evident if you access it from smartphone later. If you delete an email from your smartphone, you need not worry about deleting it from all your other devices. It automatically deletes from every other device.

Increase Accurate Insights About Business Data

Gathering business data is just one part of the process of business intelligence. Using smart tools to make that data work for you is the other side of the equation. Performance Point, which conveniently works right alongside Sharepoint, takes data and converts it into highly useable information. This BI will that help guide your business to making wise decisions. How would it potentially work? Performance Point extrapolates information from your business transactions and provides rich data for you in the form of graphs, charts, analysis, and predictions. It takes the guesswork out of what stores to put certain products in or what particular style of product customers prefer or what geographic location is best for you if you have multiple sites. All the hard work is done for you.

Close the gap between predicted sales growth and actual sales

By utilizing business intelligence and predictive analysis software tools that can be embedded in Sharepoint, businesses can be more accurate in their sales prediction. Predictive analysis software working in conjunction with business intelligence can help a business know how much inventory to purchase. As a result, their actual sales will be more closely aligned with their goals or predictions and they won't have an excess of inventory. As every business owner knows, too much inventory cuts into the bottom line. By more accurately predicting sales, businesses will have less waste and more profits.

Enhances Marketing Efforts

By using the added feature of Performance Point with Sharepoint, you not only gain important business intelligence data, but you get it in real time. For many companies this is critical. For example, a company with multiple stores can use the business intelligence data in real time at the point of sale to modify existing promotions, sales, and prices. This allows the business to flourish based on geographical location without the hassle of continual back and forth communication, meetings, emails, and studying of charts. Sharepoint allows you to add this to your library and make it accessible to all your stores. This enhances the workflow

Office 365 and Sharepoint put your business on track for a digital transformation. You save time, work more productively, and work smarter. By using business analytics tools you can track your company's progress, which will help facilitate planning. Take the step forward today and revolutionize the workplace.