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March 21, 2019

8 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Digital Workplace Solution

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Today the workplace is no longer a physical space where employees work during office hours. The workplace is becoming more connected, and employees can communicate and collaborate in new and effective ways.

Forward-looking organizations are adopting digital workplace solutions to enhance employee experience, improve efficiency, optimize operations, and promote growth and innovation. Notably, digital workplace solutions have positive outcomes for the most important assets in a firm –employees. They increase employee satisfaction, boost employee productivity, enhance employee retention, and attract top talent.

The key to the success of a digital workplace depends on the implementation of the right digital workplace solution like Office 365 and Azure that are capable of driving change, improving employees' experience, and meeting organizational needs. Choosing the ideal workplace solution can be daunting and overwhelming because of the numerous solutions in the market. However, this article makes it easier by crafting a set of questions to help you identify your business challenges and determine the ideal solution for the enterprise. Below are eight questions to ask when choosing a digital workplace solution.

1. What business challenges do you want to address?

This is an important question as it determines the challenges that the digital workplace solution will solve and offers a picture of the desired outcome. You should outline the challenges you wish to address including the pain points of the current technology, intended use, and value of solving the challenges.

It is helpful to categorize the challenges into themes; collaboration, knowledge, culture, and communication. For example, when solving collaboration problems, a digital workplace solution should connect employees. When addressing culture problems, a workplace solution should increase employee engagement, enhance retention, and create a positive workplace environment. A clear definition of organizational challenges and the value of solving them helps you secure buy-in from stakeholders.    

2. How do employees work at your firm?

When choosing a digital workplace solution, you should understand the needs of your employees so that your ideal solution meets them. What technologies are employees using currently and which improvements would they like? Do you want a workplace solution that integrates with existing technologies or one that displaces them? Maybe you may want a new solution altogether. Before you purchase a workforce solution, you need to answer all these questions.

3. What is your ideal culture?

Culture is a fundamental part of any organization. It guides the behavior of employees as well as business operations. Therefore, you need to understand your existing culture and determine your ideal one. This way, you will select a digital workplace solution that contributes to the culture and adheres to it.

The digital workplace solution should be customizable in structure and design to accommodate your organizational culture. It should be a digital extension of your culture. If your organization values teamwork and interdependence, your digital workplace solution should reflect this. It should have tools that promote collaboration. If your firm values giving recognition, the solution should have a dedicated channel for this.

4. How much is the total cost of ownership?

Digital workplace solutions are not free. You will incur a cost; how much? Do not choose a solution based entirely on the subscription cost. Consider the upfront expenses for the solution such as implementation, support, and professional services. Also, you may require in-house staff to manage the system and solve issues when they arise.

Settle for a vendor who will help you plan, price, and implement a digital workplace solution. He should design a solution that meets your core business needs so that you don't need to hire a professional to do it. Also, choose a digital workplace solution that is user-friendly and easy to maintain. This will save you maintenance expenses and labor costs.

5. What will be your starting point and how will you proceed from there?

Change is never easy in an organization. It may face resistance and employees will need time to adjust. You need to understand this when choosing a digital workplace solution. Devise a plan on how you will unleash the change and draw in employees. The best strategy is to start small and scale fast. Ensure you communicate the value the solution will add to your employees and organization as a whole.

As you plan for the present, consider the changes that will be necessary for the future to meet the changing digital workspace. It is advisable to choose a good vendor like Aureus Tech Systems to help you develop and implement a strategy for workplace solution implementation.

6. How much time will it take to implement the solution?

When choosing a digital workplace solution, consider the time it will take to implement it. Find a solution that is both customized to meet your business needs and easy to implement. You wouldn't like a platform that takes months to implement making it both time-consuming and expensive. Also, make sure the workplace solution is easy to expand and augment.      

7. How will you measure success?

A digital workplace solution is useless if you can't measure its success. You have to demonstrate that the solution is useful and is not just being used. Develop behavior and outcome-driven metrics to determine the success of the workplace solution. Are important jobs being done? How has the solution affected employees and business operations? By answering these questions, you will know whether you have attained success.

8. What will be the post-launch experience?

When choosing a digital workplace, you need a strong on-boarding experience. You require sufficient support and training to guarantee you have the skills and information necessary to build an effective digital workplace. Choose a vendor who supports you through the implementation journey and provides adequate training to help you optimize the value of your solution. Do not forget to consider the vendor's track record in delivering exceptional post-launch services.

Organizations that will be successful in the future are those that embrace digital workplace solutions to enhance employee experience and increase organizational efficiency. The best workplace solutions set the pace for a happy, engaged, and productive office. Microsoft office 365 and Azure offer the best digital workplace solutions that empower employees and optimize business operations. If you would like a digital workplace solution for your company, contact the experts at Aureus Tech Systems.