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August 20, 2019

Denver-Based Tech Company, Aureus Tech Systems, Modernizes the Legal Space With e-Discovery Solution, Anvesa

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aureus tech systems

Aureus realized that e-Discovery platforms for plaintiff attorneys were few and far between so, Anvesa, powered by Microsoft Azure, was built from the ground up. Anvesa gives plaintiff attorneys an integrated experience for early case assessment, an efficient search and review function, and document production from one single platform. The solution eliminates the arduous task of jumping to and from separate, fragmented systems, reducing challenges around competency, cooperation, search terms, lack of tools, and unnecessary costs that litigation teams often face. Additionally, Anvesa provides plaintiff attorneys with a way to find "holes" while reviewing opposing counsels' productions during the early case assessment, which is critical in this phase.

"It isn't documents that win cases nowadays, it's data. One piece of data, or one 'hole' needing to be filled, could be the difference between losing a case and winning one," asserted Shannon Reed, VP of Product Development, Aureus.

Anvesa's architecture makes it an incredibly efficient e-Discovery platform. "Our engineers, architects, and project managers have been working tirelessly on Anvesa. We always have our finger on the pulse of technology, industry trends, and demands so our clients are always a step ahead, which is crucial in this ever technologically-increasing and fast-paced world," stated Abhishek Pakhira, COO, Aureus & recently-inducted Forbes Technology Council Member.

Anvesa is built on the premise of microservices using Azure. This "building block" approach allows for agility in development, enabling quicker releases to clients and faster evolution within an ever-changing business environment. Traditional applications built around monolithic frameworks can be difficult and time-consuming to fix, but Anvesa is able to precisely scale up or down, allowing for deployment flexibility, making fixes fast and easy.

Additionally, Anvesa's use of Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Machine Learning breaks down complex information into digestible key insights, offering users the ability to search and compile documents and find patterns with superior speed and ease.

"Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, combined with Azure Machine Learning, helps Aureus, and their e-Discovery product Anvesa, find information that's critical to legal cases-as well as making the early case assessment process as seamless as possible. Anvesa offers customers a solution to many of the e-Discovery issues the litigation space experiences today," said Bharat Sandhu, Director of Product Marketing, Azure Data and Analytics, Microsoft Corp.

"Most of our jobs are hectic and often stressful. Aureus's job is to offer solutions that decrease this friction and make business life better. When we hear from our clients that Anvesa has saved them time and money, and simply put, has improved their business and their everyday experience within it, it propels us to get even better," Sujata Bhattarai, CEO, Aureus.

With many other e-Discovery platforms, there is a chasm between product development and customer service. Customers can't go to service providers and advise them on product changes since service providers have little influence on the software vendor's product roadmap. Because Aureus is both a solutions and product provider, there is a direct feedback loop to product engineering. Therefore, customers have the ability to influence the product roadmap as well as receive necessary training and support.

Aureus offers Cloud-enabled Application Modernization, Digital Workplace, Predictive Analytics & Data Visualizations, IoT solutions, and Cloud Migration using Microsoft 365 and Azure as an integrated one-platform experience.

Anvesa's future releases are focused on conversational AI and making the application even more simple and intuitive.