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February 12, 2018

Streamline Your Business With Office 365 Sharepoint

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If you operate or manage a business, then you know the benefits of streamlining your business through using software tools. Enhancing productivity is a priority for all businesses. Maximizing your business team's efficiency is important for a seamless operation. The more efficient the business is, the more profitable the company is. One tool that helps businesses optimize the flow of work is Office 365 Sharepoint. Using Office 365 helps businesses streamline their office production. Here are some of the top benefits of Microsoft Office 365 Sharepoint.

Create a centralized document library

The days of hunting for that document on your hard drive or searching through stacks of paper for a report are long gone. There is no more sifting through file drawers in hopes of finding the project on which you are working. Welcome to a centralized document library with Office 365 Sharepoint. This means that by using Sharepoint, you and your work partners have an electronic place for all your documents. This one easy-to-access location is Sharepoint. The process for accessing and using the centralized library is simple, too. Just drag whatever file you want in the library to the Sharepoint location, and it's made available for everyone. Now, no one will waste time looking for important documents again. Time efficiency is a key to a more streamlined office.

Collaborate effortlessly

Collaboration is essential in a work environment. Members of any team project understand that working together is critical to the success of the finished product. Obtaining input from all your team members creates a more polished creation. Whether it's a marketing piece or a financial report, each person adds their skillful touch, knowledge, and information to help finalize the piece. However, unless you can facilitate collaboration, the project may become confusing and even redundant. Office 365 Sharepoint provides a platform for all team members to collaborate. An administrator designates which team members may have access to the documents. The administrator also decides who can make changes to the material. Some people may be given "Read Only" privileges as well.

Enhance communication on projects

When several people are working on a document together, they often times need to communicate about the project. This is especially true when people are all working together at the same time. When you access your Sharepoint document, you will see other team member's names in the upper right-hand corner if anyone is working on the project at the same time as you. If so, you can chat with the person during the session. This comes in handy to help eliminate any redundancies as well as give you guidance about which direction the project is headed.

Minimize project confusion

Several people working on a project collaboratively is a good thing – unless it is not done in real-time. With Sharepoint, you have the ability to see the changes the other(s) are making in real-time. This is helpful because some people's ideas could contradict others. By being able to see the modifications of the team, others have a clearer sense of the project goals. Another scenario that could happen is two people may have the same idea for a part of the project. However, when you can see your idea has already been implemented, you won't waste valuable time putting down the same information.

Use limits and restrictions for efficiency

Sometimes the administrator may decide to set up the project so that only one person can make changes at a time. Maybe each person needs to add a particular element to the document and build on it. Or one person at a time may deliver drafts for each person to review and edit. Office 365 Sharepoint allows you to set up a feature similar to a library check-out system. If one person is working on the document and "checks it out," then another person will receive a "Read Only" message when opening it.

Deliver the best project version

Have you ever been working on a document and made some changes to it, but when you were done, you weren't sure if the original version may have been better? Or maybe you deleted some material from the previous version and now realize it would have been better to keep it. Sharepoint helps eliminate these problems by saving all previous versions. The earlier versions are numbered according to the order they were created. This feature also benefits the lead team member or manager because he or she can review all versions to ensure they get the best one.

Facilitate task management

Getting everyone on the team in place is an important first step. This involves providing access to the team members as well as assigning tasks. With Sharepoint, the administrator can seamlessly invite all members to join the team by selecting them in the system. The leader can then assign tasks to any or all members. When the team member accesses Sharepoint, they will see what work has been assigned to them. This saves time and effort.

Easy scheduling

There will be times when you may need to meet with everyone. You may want to finalize details of the project or discuss some element of the project. Sharepoint links with your calendar making it simple to set up appointments and meetings with the team. When you schedule an appointment, just select which members you want to attend and they will receive an automated notification of the meeting.

File and site sharing

Most projects require additional information from other sources. You may need research information from online sources. Some managers may want their crew to use certain sources when creating the document. For example, if the team is working on a medical report, the administrator may want them to use reputable medical sites as a source of information. With Sharepoint, you can create a library of resources that everyone can use.

Video Sharing

Sometimes you may want to add a video to a document on which you're working. Videos enhance the message and power of some types of documents. In Sharepoint, you have the ability to embed a single video or stream a channel right into your document. You can choose to post a video from your computer or elsewhere to Sharepoint or attach a link from your live stream to Yammer. This allows co-workers to stay in the loop about important information while they are using Yammer.

Using Office 365 Sharepoint is a powerful user-friendly tool for your business. It reduces time spent on projects by allowing everyone to collaborate efficiently. Streamline your business projects and get ahead by using Sharepoint.