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January 20, 2021

Why Concept Search is the New Technology That Will Win Legal Cases

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Aureus Tech Systems

           Years ago, Concept Search was a perfect eDiscovery capability—in theory. Wouldn’t it be great to go beyond the key words we already know and dig deeper to find even more meaningful key words and hidden info? Extrapolate on what we already know, turning important information into concepts to find hidden meaning amidst a sea of documents? Similar to those escape rooms, where multiple clues exist at the same time, but you just can’t make sense of them until you open another clue that builds context and creates a concept. Only then you’re able to piece them all together and ultimately reach the holy grail of all clues and solved! Like real Sherlock Holmes-style. Well, technology can now back up this “pipe dream”.

          Anvesa® uses concept searching to find information without you needing to know what you should be looking for or input a precisely-phrased query. We only know what we know and we don’t know what we don’t know, right? So how do we expand the context by only knowing what we know? (Who knew eDiscovery could get so philosophical.) Anvesa® has integrated the concept of Topic Extraction from any size of input text with Concept Search engine. Users can highlight or input paragraphs in the search box. The Relevant Topic words generated will be fed back to the concept engine. Based on the user’s choice of words, users will be given more relevant choices. Anvesa®’s concept search will find documents based on words of similar conceptual content (i.e. synonyms AND correlated words).  

          What does this mean exactly? Let’s say you’re searching for the word “king”. Anvesa® will find documents with the synonyms like “emperor” and “ruler”, but also find words that aren’t synonyms, but highly related, such as “Henry VIII” or “Queen Elizabeth.” You can even copy & paste an entire paragraph into Anvesa®’s concept search visualizer, receive important topic words from this, and then be presented with correlated words you can choose. Based on the chosen words, all the documents containing those words will be presented. This means you don’t have to be exactly sure of what you’re looking for (phew!), but still get the answers you need.  

          Concept searching is very different from keyword or metadata search, as it shifts the focus from a specific term to conceptual relevancy, alleviating the need for the user to know a specific term and equipping them with the right tools to find information they otherwise would quite possibly not find. It quickly reveals conceptual matches between the query and the document, without guesswork so you can focus on concepts you deem important. It doesn’t only find key information based on the proximity of words; it finds key information based on proximity PLUS contextual relevance.

Nowadays, we can’t afford to be using systems that aren’t convenient or that don’t provide relevance, especially with thousands—sometimes millions—of records. So, click here to learn more about Anvesa®’s concept search and more!