Get greater benefits from your technology
with our Azure accelerators

Custom technology solutions can be costly, and once implemented, you rely on the developer for support and troubleshooting. Alternatively, off-the-shelf solutions weren’t designed for your specific environment and goals.

There is a happy medium with Aureus Tech Systems. We utilize Microsoft’s existing toolsets to build SharePoint and Azure accelerators that further automate and optimize your processes and engage your employees.

Content Management
& Workflow

If you’re logging into multiple applications to complete your daily activities and responsibilities, you’re losing valuable time. Our integrated approach to content management and workflow combines collaboration and communication in a single, secure platform.

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BI & Predictive

You have all of this data. Now what? Aureus turns those numbers into insights, so you can turn insights into actions in real time. With our business intelligence and predictive analytics solutions, you can:

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Enterprise Cloud Transformations

Old Reliable — your outdated software and hardware — is slowing down your business. Aureus helps you adopt new or transform your native cloud technology to give you the space you need to grow — with less oversight, less frustration and for less money.

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Whether you’re traveling between client meetings or your employees are working away from the office, your organization must be connected at all times. Our mobility solutions not only give you access to your content, but they also deliver every request in a robust, responsive format that’s compatible with any operating system.

See how our clients made smarter business decisions with our BI & predictive analytics  


Over time, variations in dev-ops processes enter your system, hindering efficiency, producing errors and causing tension between departments. With Aureus, you can deploy more software and new features in less time, while lifting some of the responsibility and pressure off of your employees.

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