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Enterprise Cloud Transformation


An audit and compliance client needed a secure, mobile-friendly Software as a Service (SaaS) product not tied to a provider, Amazon or Azure.


The Aureus team chose an HTML5/Angular JS user interface to make the SaaS product natively responsive; Azure SQL as the database to make the SaaS product cost effective and elastic, yet platform independent in case a provider switch would be necessary; and native Azure to take full advantage of its security and compliance-related services.


This SaaS product launch truly showcases the power of our cloud development and deployment capabilities — from rapid application development due to reuse of cloud services and Aureus accelerators in this space, to completely automated dev-ops.


·      100 percent compliant with all security controls

·      Ability to seamlessly scale up and down on compute depending on load

·      Continuous integration of builds

·      100 percent automated-unit test coverage and 100 percent hands-off automated deployment