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Often at Jamba Juice, the store-level and territory general managers were on the road or busy at their stores and didn’t have time to log into their desktops or laptops to check the daily reports. The data wasn’t accessible from their mobile devices, so they missed key insights that could have helped them make better operational decisions in the moment, like adjusting staffing and inventory levels or identifying leakage.


The first challenge the Aureus team faced was to optimize the complex analytical reports for small mobile screens. We engaged with the client’s key stakeholders and concluded real-time information on sales, cost of goods sold and labor figures were the three most important metrics that would help them make better operational decisions. A solution was put together to deliver these three metrics in real time with the best possible performance (refreshed every 15 minutes).


This helped with operational efficiency across the board. The chain recorded 3–5 percent efficiency gains in staffing and inventory levels, due to the instant availability of such information.