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Legal Client


Enterprise Cloud Transformation


A legal client had made significant investments in on-premise software and hardware that came with high-fixed costs for compute, storage and software licensing.


Our team’s primary objective was to move the client to an elastic, usage-based model from a fixed capacity model. The fixed capacity model is a double-edged sword. In addition to the high, direct costs for hardware compute, storage and software licensing, money is lost from lack of productivity, due to the inelastic nature of the infrastructure.


We all know demand is variable: There are times when load is high on a system, and there are times when load is low. The key is to tailor our infrastructure to scale up and down based on usage. We accomplished the client’s transformation to a native Azure database ahead of schedule and well within their allocated budget.


Monthly infrastructure and software licensing costs decreased by 60 percent, while operational efficiency increased, driven by the elastic compute capabilities.