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A Revolutionary e-Discovery Tool

At Aureus, we are challenging the status quo of legal e-discovery. Anvesa, our integrated search and analytics tool, saves thousands of review hours by finding the relevant documents faster — so you can focus your time on winning. Anvesa was designed specifically for litigation attorneys like you, to speed up the initial review process and improve operational efficiencies. Searching, rendering, and navigating through documents and results becomes a breeze with our intuitive application. Anvesa is the only product on the market that has combined multiple search methods into one cohesive platform. In almost every screen, you can save searches, snapshots, batches, and batch documents with just one click. You won’t have to worry about losing your search history upon logoff. There’s no limit to how many searches will be stored in Anvesa.

Simplified Search

Keyword, metadata, word proximity and fuzzy search features let you prioritize what’s relevant
Filters allow you to drill down into information even further
No other application on the market offers all of our search views:
Capture Snapshot: retains results from a specific date or search
Saved Search: updates results as new, relevant documents are added
Set Up Batch: can create batches from the search or results screen and evenly distribute and assign documents
Relationship: displays duplicates, families, email chains and histories of selected documents in a results grid with various options like export, column chooser, search, sorting, filtering columns and pagination

Single Viewer

Zoom, rotate, search keywords and more in one screen
Copy text directly from the viewer
Annotate and redact native documents in our single viewer without making changes to the original file
Email individual documents or send a secure link to open a saved search of documents in Anvesa’s viewer

Customizable Dashboard

Add and organize fields per case
Get big-picture data — click in real time and see results
No admin/setup required

Robust Analytics

100 percent analytics-based software
View data in any screen, every step of the process

Secure Network

Built on Microsoft’s virtual private cloud
No need to invest in costly on-site database applications, additional software or hardware
Work from any device, anywhere, quickly, even when the load is high
Scale up resources on demand

See How Anvesa Compares

Other Apps
Add/remove fields
Keyword search
Graphical search
View search history
Up to 40
Save, modify, clone, export or delete
Batch setup
Add new batch
Combine multiple saved searches and snapshots per batch set
Only one saved search per batchset
Group batches
Save, modify, clone, export or Based on priority, batch set name, username and status
Deleted batches can be rebatched

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