Our approach is high-touch from the top down
for personal, comprehensive consulting

Technology alone is not a solution. It is an enabler, a means to carry out your vision of a more efficient workplace and happy, productive employees. In order to deliver substantial results, your technology solutions provider must be equally invested in your company.

From the beginning of our partnership, Aureus Tech Systems collaborates with you to define your specific goals, and we remain flexible in our methods to meet them, regardless of your current technology landscape. We even encourage you to “try before you buy,” to ensure you’re confident in our ability to elevate your growth.

Our proven roadmap to success is simple


Our U.S.-based tech specialists engage with you to understand your business challenges and identify opportunities for improvement. Our extensive knowledge of the SharePoint framework, along with our domain and technology expertise, helps us determine what’s best for your organization.


Next, we consider possible answers to real problems in your business, gathered during the Discover phase. This phase includes an in-depth analysis with your company’s key stakeholders, and together, we recommend solutions that will produce the greatest return on your investment.


We offer a FREE proof of concept (POC) to show how our solutions can enhance your operations. Before we run the POC, we set a clear criterion for success. The POC is then divided into two or three sprints, during which we assess your weekly progress based on the data and adjust our approach as needed. We also have short, daily stand-up meetings with key stakeholders.


After we finish the POC and you’re completely satisfied with the results, we collectively plan the full implementation and set high-level milestones. The entire process is run and managed with Agile and with delivery, support, daily stand-up meetings and bi-weekly sprint reviews from our Denver-based team.


In addition to the daily stand-up meetings and bi-weekly sprint reviews, we conduct regular sponsor-level updates of milestones.

To learn more about our growth strategy or request your FREE proof of concept, call or email us.